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Popscure officially launched one year ago in December 2017. Now, we’re asking for help from our readership to continue growing as a media platform highlighting music, film, literature, art, and society.

Based in Norfolk, VA, our team of writers never miss an opportunity to shine light on the movers and shakers of our area while diligently building relationships with artists, publishers, labels, booking agents, and more all across the globe.

We’ve created and maintained two signature series in our first year – #PopscurePresents is an interview and live performance session that delivers a close and personal look at a featured artist, and #PopscureMix is a themed playlist curated and mixed by a different DJ each month. In September we collaborated with several artists and musicians for interviews and visuals to release the second hard copy issue of our Popscure Zine. 

We’ve broadened our digital ideas IRL with events such as Soulflower, highlighting musicians, crafters, and visual artists that radiate feminine energy. Giving regularly marginalized artists a platform is what Popscure is all about. Our next soirée is Promscure, a winter ball celebrating accomplishments in our first year with artists and DJs we’ve featured on the blog. We’re grateful to have covered prominent performers such as Opal and Gabe Niles, as well as new artists like Shormey and DJ Gee as they continue their trajectory. 

These events, along with production fees and maintaining the site, have cost us money out of pocket with little to no profit. We’re asking for help with the funding of operations costs because — as a media blog — there is no clear path for monetization unless you’re willing to sell your precious viewing spaces to advertisers. And while we are interested in partnering with sponsors who are aligned with our goals and values (if that sounds like you, hit us up!), we’re committed to doing the best we can to present Popscure ad-free for as long as possible.

We want to deliver raw, real content with none of the BS blocking the budding artists and creatives that we highlight. We’re moving forward full steam with more stories, interviews, monthly series, and events and are planning on adding more dimensions to the framework (#Podscure anyone?!) Join is in our journey by donating now! Any amount helps, and you are what makes it all worth while! Feel free to email us with any questions!