What else can I say that hasn’t already been said . . . been written . . . been seen . . . been lived? What more can someone say to relay what has been known as the black experience since the beginning of God knows when? What more are my words than anyone else’s? Because I can sit here and dictate historical facts and statistics that bring light to our plight . . . to the struggle that we still endure after 400+ years of oppression. The oppression that existed and still exists in all sorts of forms . . . minstrelsy . . . redlining . . . monuments that don’t shy away from reminiscing and glorifying this country’s ugly past. Countless reminders are there to remind us who we are and who is under control. But conceding was, and to this day, is still not an option. It was never an option for black people during the years of slavery, the Black Codes era, or the Jim Crow law era—2020 is no different. So instead of serving a history lesson, I’d rather uplift a collective of voices that have been shrugged off, ignored, and brushed by for far too long. Because racism and oppression aren’t historical terms of the past, they are lived out experiences of real-life human beings—black people. And with that, the Popscure team and I decided on an ongoing collective to amplify the voices of the black community.  – Jasmine Rodriguez

Black Experience Collective – August

Our Collective of the Black Experience in America starts with this month’s submissions from VA based artists – Cam Murdoch (“Stay Well”) and Lock (“Negus Shit”) along with poem, “I Am Black,” by Popscure writer, Darryan Miller. To submit your experience for next month click here Darryan Miller | 24 | Portsmouth, VA “I Am…

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