On August 28th, JamalTheCreator dropped his latest single, “Trust Issues,” alongside his other trending track, “This Is The Life.” Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the 19-year old Nigerian-American YouTube rapper started out creating content with some of his YouTube buddies, ultimately uploading videos that were reaching millions of views. Since then, he has been stirring up big noise throughout the music scene in both the US and even the UK, thanks to a large portion of his family residing in London. Being originally underground, the young rapper has added a twist of pop-rap to his sound for “Trust Issues,” detailing the struggles of being too paranoid to trust anyone. The song has been receiving plenty of attention from the media since its release, which is an indication that Jamal is prone to blow. 

You can follow JamalTheCreator on social media to stay updated with his music and content releases:

Instagram : @hoodgeno

Facebook : @JamalTheCreator

Twitter : @hoodgeno

Posted by:jamieklawson

I am a journalist and contributor for a few entertainment platforms. I love giving my input on talented entertainers of all kinds.

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