This month’s submissions include a poignant poem (“This Ain’t Even A Poem”) and beautiful art piece (“Love is Thicker Than Blood”) by Chesapeake artist, A-Rae.

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A-Rae | 34 | Chesapeake, VA (by way of Cleveland, OH)

“This Ain’t Even A Poem”

A-Rae | 34 | Chesapeake, VA (by way of Cleveland, OH)

“Love is Thicker Than Blood”

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One thought on “Black Experience Collective – September

  1. I stand with all people. No perfect people, no perfect world. Bad people and good people. I am 1/2 Ojibwa. I live on the land of my people and I know. Men are hateful and greedy. We need a colorless world. Be like the children, they don’t see color of skin. They see a possible friend. Teach love, teach peace, teach them to do the right things. How many Mexican children in government prisons, how many women are abused daily, how many folks are hungry? I stand with the black people and all people. I will demonstrate for equal rights, safe streets for our children, no hunger and no racism. Violence create more violence. We don’t need separation, free money and pity. We need the good and strong people to stand for a world where every person had opportunity and chance. Many Native American tribes won’t accept pay-off money. They want to be left alone. Free to live their life without walls.


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