Our next ART BISH artist profile is Ali, also known as Sweet Mutuals. Within a short timespan, the young artist has shown that age, experience, and location (Ali is based out of Georgia) is not the end-all be-all to guaranteed success. Self-taught, Sweet Mutuals has developed a career as an editorial make-up artist working with esteemed artists like Solange Knowles and Rina Sawayama.

Each concept and design possesses a certain aura that is treated with the utmost care and nurture–allowing her work to take hold with its limitless, innovative, unique, and one-of-a-kind energy. And just like her work, Sweet Mutuals has boundless dreams to go even further with hopes of establishing a career in the model industry and becoming a role model for black youth looking for representation. There’s no doubt in our minds that she will achieve just that.

Don’t forget to read up on our ART BISH article to find out how you can attend the festival and gain some wisdom and valuable advice from artists like Sweet Mutuals! Keep your eyes peeled for our next profile.

Posted by:Jasmine Rodriguez

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