by Shannon Jay

Benjamin Boshart finds the glimmer in the simple things. Overlooked sheen in everyday scenes or discards with the light caught just right captivate him — and he captures them with his camera. Resulting images show anything from intimate + candid portraits to abstract scenes deep in nature or right in the city. 

To see more of his work, peep his portfolio, and follow his Instagram. Catch prints of Boshart’s photos IRL at Virginia Moca until August 19th, as part of New Waves 2018. On it’s 23rd year, the annual juried exhibit sifts through hundreds of submissions to find Virginia’s greatest talents.

When did you get interested in photography?

In 2012 I took a photography class at the Portsmouth Visual Arts Center.  I really enjoyed it.  I sold my motorcycle so I could purchase a full-frame camera and I’ve kept it close ever since.

What do you shoot with?

My camera is a Sony A7 and I shoot with standard focal length prime lenses.

Who would be your dream model and why?

This is a tough one.  I can become incredibly compelled to take someone’s portrait if they’re in the right place and in the right light.  I try to stay open minded until the pictures come to me.

Whose stories are you trying to tell in your photos?

I’m telling my own stories.  It’s a game of geometry, light and time through the filter of my experience.

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