Pay for delicious grub on Saturday with SHAKE DOLLARS
Pay for delicious grub on Saturday with SHAKE DOLLARS

There’s a whole creative community in Norfolk, and one collective is here to shake them all out of hiding. The group of rattlers are known as Shake, actually, who create fun events to invigorate the city. They’re throwing a bash this St. Patricks Day at Charlie’s, and we wanted to get to know about them before then.

How would you define Shake?

Shake is an event planning collective based in Norfolk, VA that specializes in curating events centered around urban music and art.  Our core team is made up of four members, each with their own individual brands:  Cameron Murdoch with No Preserves, Cierra Wesley with Views of You, Mike Washington with Rosewood and Gabriel Phelps with GPM (Gabriel Phelps Marketing).  

What is the objective of the collective?

Our objective is to “shake” things up in the entertainment scene by putting on events that are far from what’s considered normal, all the while staying true to the culture and highlighting the works of the many talented artists in the area.   

 Left to right: Gabriel Phelps, Cierra Wesley, Mike Washington, Cameron Murdoch
Left to right: Gabriel Phelps, Cierra Wesley, Mike Washington, Cameron Murdoch

How did y’all get together?

We all connected at different times. Gabriel and Cam linked first. After a few events, it was time to expand. That’s when we approached Cierra and discovered that we all shared a similar vision, so it just worked. Mike was our go-to-guy for photo and video, so after a handful of successful events with him, we all decided it was time to bring him on board permanently.  

What is everyone’s role?

We all have a very inclusive role in organizing the events, coming up with creative ideas for promo, making sure all of our moves are consistent with the brand’s identity, etc. But each of us do bring a unique specialty to the table:

Gabriel takes the lead in approaching the different venues and being the point man that coordinates with the venue staff. He’s also got a lot of experience in hosting nightlife events from his college days, so he understands the different elements that are essential to have in place to make a successful event.  

Cierra owns her own creative agency, so when it comes to curating the event layout and adding the “special touches,” she goes in. She also understands the local culture very well, so she’s able to offer a lot of insight into what will resonate most with our core following.

Cam is an artist/musician first and foremost, and when it comes to the sounds and the vibe we’re shooting for with each event, he brings valuable input. He also has a background in engineering and is able to handle the technology side of running an entertainment company.  

Mike is our Creative Director.  He does all our photo, video and graphic design.  He also makes sure all of our content makes sense and looks GOOD.  And he never steers us wrong!  

How do you choose the companies you collaborate with (Skate Supply, WODU, Extra Company, etc.)

We try to stick with the Norfolk scene as much as we can.  We intentionally partner with entities that are making an impact in our City and within our culture.  We also look for those who are serious about their craft and are running different from the pack.  

Talk about the zine a little bit — what’s it all about & are there still copies available?

The 2017 Shake Zine is an introduction to the Shake brand.  It gives you an idea of who we are and how we move.  It also gives you a look at all our events that took place that year (featuring plenty of photographs).  The zine can be found online on our website and hard copies can be purchased at Thank You Gift Shop inside the Selden Market.  

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